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  • Lori Melnitsky

Why adults who stutter should consider speech therapy?

Adult Speech Therapy

Many of us who stutter have gone for some type of speech therapy in our lives.  Some positive and some not. Insurance is an issue for many of us as it is often not covered. I understand it is frustrating when one thing does not work but I can tell you I tried many things before I found a combination of various strategies involving fluency and public speaking as well as positive coaching with a little NLP involved. It was basically a mixture of ice cream, steak and potatoes until I found out what worked. I never gave up and never will.

However I have to ask don’t we as adults deserve help? Do we have to invest only in our kids and give up on self care?

Today a young man who took an intensive stuttering program told me he had not talked fluently since the age of 3. He is now 24. I see the relief on him.

Many times adults call me and are paralyzed by the commitment of finances and time .I understand that but sometimes the improved fluency will yield more than the initial investment.  The rate of return is higher so to speak.  It was for me.  If I had not gotten help I would have never achieved my goals, become a speech pathologist, said what I wanted or ordered the food I wanted.

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