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Lori is fantastic! She is the perfect combination of available and knowledgeable. She learns so much about her patients so that she can match how much she knows generally with what is best for them specifically. Thank you!

Carole K.

Lori is a wise and extremely knowledgeable and skilled speech-language pathologist who truly cares for her clients. As a fellow professional, I’ve learned a great deal from her expertise and perspective, as well.

Jessica M.

Lori is an amazing speech therapist She's so patient and knowledgeable.

Maria F.

Lori is a compassionate, experienced expert who has helped me with understanding and fine tuning how I execute my lessons to a variety of clients with different communication challenges., thus allowing me to truly help my clients more effectively, I adore her and HIGHLY recommend her services, get on a call with her, Your life will be changed forever.

Matt C.

Lori is truly amazing. She is very knowledgeable, relatable, patient, hands on, and innovative. All of these things make her therapy one of a kind. Would absolutely recommend to anyone.

Garry M.

Lori is a wonderful Speech therapist. I have seen first hand how well she can help adults with stutter issues. My wife was taught the necessary exercises from Lori and had a major turnaround in life. I highly recommend parents and adults to seek out Lori with any speech needs that they may have.

Kamilla M.

I found Lori at a very difficult time in my life. I was so stressed about getting called on in school and starting a new internship that I could barely say my name. Luckily, a classmate of mine liked Lori's Facebook page and she appeared on my feed. Lori's methods allowed me to gain confidence and a positive outlook on my future. I finally felt that I had the tools to control and manage my fluency. Prior to Lori, I had futilely spent thousands of dollars on an intensive speech therapy course in … – show

Speech Therapy

Teletherapy Availability: Accessible Across Multiple States

We are available to provide teletherapy services in multiple states online.

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