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  • Lori Melnitsky

Speech and other suggestions Parkinsons Patients:

1. Help friends understand that you’re the same person, but might have new limitations now. Sharing information about the disease with friends can foster better understanding, too.

2. Maintain your communication skills. Parkinson’s disease can affect your voice volume and clarity. Speech therapy can help.

3. Don’t be afraid to accept invitations, but investigate the venue ahead of time if that makes you feel more secure. You may want to check and see if a destination is handicap accessible, for example.

4. Meet other people with Parkinson’s disease. Support groups can be great places to make new friends who understand your daily life.

5. Exercise with friends. Many people find that they’re more likely to stick with an exercise routine if it’s tied to a social engagement.’

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For more information on Speak Out! Please contact Lori@allislandspeech or 516-776-0184

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