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Overcoming Stuttering for Teens and Adults

How To Overcome Stuttering with the 

“MPI-2 Stuttering Treatment Program”

Intensive Therapy – 14 days

You will the first 2 1/2 weeks learning how to talk without stuttering – this is the Intensive Therapy Phase. The MPI-2 Treatment app on your cell phone shows you how to change your voice to stop stuttering with real-time feedback from a throat microphone that you wear around your neck during treatment.  Then you need to start using your new speech in the real world – the Transfer Phase speaking without stuttering at home and work – without the treatment app.  This phase must be followed accurately.

You can’t do this all at once. You’ll have to gradually replace your old speech with this new stutter-free speech. You start with easy speaking situations where you feel the most comfortable. The specialist will help you every week on the phone so you can move to more difficult speaking situations when you are ready.  You will develop a hierarchy of easy to harder speaking tasks.  This is done with support and guidance.

These are some tips to decrease stuttering:

  1. Pause and phrase your sentences.

  2. Keep your voice on while speaking

  3. Allow more time to pause and respond.

  4. Keep good eye contact.

If you are stuttering, you are not alone:

Did you know over 70 million people stutter in the world?  In fact, one percent of the population stutters.   If you stutter, you are not alone.  Many ask how it can be overcome.  If you are reading this you are one of those people.  Congrats to you for seeking help.​

Hi-Thanks for being here.  I am Lori Melnitsky.  I became a speech pathologist over 25 years ago.  Honestly, I never raised my hand in school to ask a question.  I feared saying my own name.  I started my career in accounting to avoid speaking.  Five years in I decided to change careers to my passion.  Guess what?  Professors told me I could not be a speech pathologist because I stuttered too much.  After intensive therapy and support, I barely stutter anymore and have taught at universities and lectured for three hours at conventions.  I order the food I want, raise my hand in a group to ask questions, talk to everyone and run a successful private practice.

Lori Melnitsky is a licensed and board certified speech pathologist for over 25 years. She is certified in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California and Florida. She directs All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy and provides intensive stuttering therapy online.  Lori has taught at the university level and is a sought after presenter.  She started her own podcast, Stuttering DeMystified and also teaches other speech pathologists about stuttering.

Please note these are just tips.  To make permanent changes you need someone who specializes in stuttering to effectively guide you through the process.




Stuttering Specialist and Speech Pathologist

A Little About Me

Our Testimonials

I’ve stuttered since I was 4 years old. I went through all the experiences that people who stutter go through and that the rest of the world has no idea about. Scared to meet new people because I couldn’t say my name. Scared to order the dish in the restaurant that I wanted and instead ordering the one that was easier to say. Scared to death of oral presentations in school. Lori understood exactly how I felt and the MPI Program was a game changer.

Despite my stuttering, I got into medical school. In medical school, I would get top scores in all the written tests and get barely passing grades in anything involving oral communication. At the age of 28, I finally decided I needed speech therapy. Using the knowledge in neuroscience I had gained in my studies, I researched for weeks on different therapy programs to see which one had the most scientific grounding. In the end. I decided upon the MPI program. The program allowed me to ace my oral exams and become a dr.

As a person who overcame stuttering herself, Lori understood everything that I had gone through. She has been extremely talented at noticing the disfluencies in my speech patterns and giving me real-time feedback on how to improve it. Moreover, she also has been flexible and supportive when things didn’t go quite right. On top of individual speech shaping therapy, Lori also trained me in the therapy and app so that I could continue to practice my speech at home. The more I put into the program the more I got back.”

“I was starting a job with a new airline and my speech started to deteriorate with the stress of training. I thought I was not going to be able to make it through the rigors of the training environment and initial flying experience in a new plane with new things that had to be said on demand. Lori helped me a great deal by getting me back to the fundamentals of speaking that I knew from therapy, but was not applying them properly. After five sessions with Lori, I was able to more comfortably continue with the training process and now I am progressing well with continued practice. Lori was great at getting me back on target.”

- Matt, airline pilot, an adult who stutters

Speech Therapy

Teletherapy Availability: Accessible Across Multiple States

We are available to provide teletherapy services in multiple states online.

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