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Stuttering DeMystified and Beyond

I use this platform to share my story and those of others who have struggled. I share my knowledge and wisdom on many topics, including ADHD and stuttering. I want to show people that no matter what you face in life, you can persevere and be successful. Scroll below to listen to some of my favorite episodes. 



Episode 20: Part 1 

 A personal journey from a 24 year old with ADHD

In this episode, I interview my daughter Leah who talks about her experience with ADHD and dyslexia in high school and college. 

Episode 22:

Why taking intensive fluency therapy is recommended for teens and adults who stutter

In this episode, I discuss the MPI 2 stuttering program for teens and adults. Listen to a fluency specialist and speech pathologist talk about her journey as a person who stutters and has treated hundreds of children and adults who stutter.

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Podcast logo (3).png

Episode 28:

Understanding Executive Functioning: My child is struggling in school or life

In this episode, I talk about ADHD and EF coaching, explaining how it simplifies executive functioning related to learning and ADHD.

Episode 30:

How an 18 year old who stutters learned to be more fluent and confident

In this episode, I talk to Ava, an 18-year-old who stutters. Ava explains how speech therapy helped increase her fluency when speaking. Her confidence and fluency increased so much that she pushed herself to even speak during morning announcements in school. Ava is now headed to college with confidence and no longer fears speaking.

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