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Episode 01:

From Accountant to Speech Pathologist as a person who Stutters

Hello and welcome to Stuttering Demystified hosted by Lori Melnitsky. I'm a speech language pathologist.


Episode 09:

Hearing from Thomas, an amazing college student who stutters, on improving fluency and eliminate fear

I am thrilled to have on Thomas,  a college student who conquered fluency and fear to soar in college and life.


Episode 56:

Overcoming Stuttering: MPI-2: Listen to Jake's Story with MPI-2, age 26

This episode talks Lori Melnitsky, stuttering specialist Jake, a 26 year old who stutters.


Episode 42:

No one hears my child stutter in school but I hear it.

Lori talks about hiding stuttering and how it’s easy to not hear it in school. Listen why and listen how people avoid or can hide it.


Episode 58:

Can adults stop Stuttering?

Can adults stop Stuttering?


Episode 64:

How I created my own path in stuttering and so much more


Episode 66:

Back To School Tips High School and College Tips

In this episode Lori gives tips for a new school year for high school and college students for coaching or speech help please visit

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