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  • Lori Melnitsky

Wow…MPI 2 graduate… Stuttering to Fluency……

Jake stuttered. Was terrified of speaking. This is why he took the program-

1. Took the program because I was tired of conventional therapy not helping me and was intrigued by the biofeedback aspect of the program.

2. Helped me by changing my pattern of speech to be more flowing and smooth. Made me aware of what words and phrases caused me to stutter and how to handle it. The program instructions allowed me to speak to new people with the headset on and desensitized me to new situations.

3. Stuttering is sometimes debilitating for me. I was in a dark place and thought I’d never be able to accept the fact that I stutter. Through this program and therapy with Lori, I’ve become more accepting and have learned the tools and techniques to manage my stutter. It doesn’t define me anymore.

age 22 college senior

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