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  • Lori Melnitsky

Will my child stop stuttering?

This is my number one question I get asked and the answer is not easy.

We have all heard of famous people who say they used to stutter. I believe them. Some were developmental and would have stopped anyway. Others received therapy and others stopped over time. My father stopped over time. My daughter stopped with family support and therapy.

Although I cannot answer this, I can tell you early intervention is key to trying to eliminate it. If often depends on child’s temperament, age of child, severity of stuttering and if any other speech disorders exist.  The skill of the speech pathologist matters and often school speech therapy is not provided by a specialist.  Incorrect guidance can heighten awareness and increase stuttering.

The best thing to do is to seek help from a stuttering specialist. Also watch for my masterclasses because there is power in education.

Also remember parents are not responsible for stuttering. You do not determine if they stop stuttering.  If your child stutters remember many people who stutter marry, fun for Pres (Joe Biden), are accountants, drs, speech pathologists and parents.

Have hope. I overcame and am married with two beautiful daughters.

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