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Lidcombe Stuttering…

Lidcombe Program for Early Childhood/Preschool Stuttering (ages 3 to 7)

How can the Lidcombe Stuttering Program help your child?

The Lidcombe Program is a highly successful evidenced based behavioral treatment program that was designed for young children who stutter and their families. The objective of this program is to try and eliminate stuttering in young children in a fun, systematic and structured manner. Therapy is provided to the child by Lori Melnitsky, Lidcombe Certified speech pathologist with over 20 years experience in stuttering/fluency therapy. Parents are taught to work with their children daily to decrease stuttering. Parents will feel empowered helping their child speak more fluently.

This program is ideal for children ages 3 to 7. In order for children to improve fluency at this age parents must use a structured approach and be involved daily. It is important to address stuttering early and NOT to wait. We can help your child to try and stop stuttering!

Call 516-776-0184 today to schedule an evaluation. We can start therapy as early as the first session.

ALL ISLAND SPEECH AND STUTTERING THERAPY is now an Approved Nassau County Provider for CPSE services. For Suffolk CPSE Cases-please contact me at NY Therapy Placement Services. We are in NYC too!!!

All ongoing and private services can be arranged through All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy. We also accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

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