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  • Lori Melnitsky

Help your child who stutters in a pandemic…

——News alert… I am upset and I cannot hide this…

Going to the ER for stuttering.??What????

I cannot stress this enough, especially now…. if your child is stuttering do not wait!!!!

….I can only speak for over 25 years of therapy, It is the same doing online therapy for children who stutter as if they are in person. If anything it increases talking and helps parent help their children. Most schools do not have stuttering specialists on staff nor provide summer services. Teens and adults are relieved when I talk with them to learn strategies to speak more fluently.

Stuttering can be cyclical in nature but if it is continuing then please reach out. I am getting too many calls of people waiting for schools in September. I have gotten unusual calls of worried parents who were told to bring their children as young as 4 to bring their kids to the ER due to Covid-19. Where is this coming from?

They are frustrated. Stuttering can affect their future.  Why wait?

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