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  • Lori Melnitsky

Why I stutter but do not need breath support from speech pathologists….

All my life I have been told from speech pathologists, doctors and listeners to stop, calm down and breathe. Do you know the message this sends? It says..You are nervous, anxious and have a lung capacity issue. Wrong and so misunderstood. Even now when I am told this I tense up more, my breathing becomes abrupt and the stuttering increases. It is embarrassing, humiliating and teaching people who stutter the wrong way to help them. Yes our breathing might be disrupted but with the correct help to connect words, sentences, and become more confident speakers we can succeed. Taking a big deep breath will make your stuttering worse. Leave the breathing to the medical professionals if you have a a pulmonary medical issue. Leave the stuttering therapy to the specialists who can help make communication easier and effective. For more information please email #stuttering #stopstuttering

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