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Testimonials for Lori Melnitsky

Lori is unbelievable in what she does. I have seen first hand how well she worked with my wife and changed her life around. Stuttering, especially for adults, can be debilitating. Lori is masterful as a stutter coach and I highly recommend her to anyone that has speech needs.

Lori is an experienced and compassionate Speech-Language Pathologist. She’d had a huge amount of success and continues to work hard to achieve the results that her clients come in seeking. I highly recommend Lori’s services to all.

Lori is experienced and compassionate, she knows what a parent is going through and gently guides them to a place of well being with her listening and coaching. I highly recommend Lori as Life Coach that truly gives you her all. Grateful to know her, she is a blessing. If you need support, she is your gal!

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