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  • Lori Melnitsky

Can we still educate SLPs about stuttering? Worried?

Recently I contacted a few well known CEU companies about offering Stuttering/Fluency CEU courses. I have spoken at LISHA, taught at LIU and have been on radio and TV shows about stuttering.  I also have spoken at the National Stuttering Association.  I have been told by many that the demand for stuttering continuing ed courses is limited and many are hesitant to offer it for fear of limited enrollment.

When I spoke at LISHA we had over 90 participants. When I have done informal talks with minimal advertising I have gotten over 25 parents. How can this be that the atmosphere is that people will not be interested?

Have no fear… My alma mater, Hofstra University, is willing to sponsor a CEU event but I worry about the future.   Who will learn about these wonderful fluency programs that many not be available in schools but are here to help?

What are my goals for the New Year? Educate, learn and educate more. Hopefully to inspire a few along the way.  Happy New Year..

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