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Can stuttering or stammering stop?

Can stuttering or stammering stop?

This is a question that I am asked often. Can someone stop stuttering. The truth is I have met many adults who have stopped or who stutter very mildly. They have gone through intensive therapy and stopped stuttering over the years, I was told to not believe this and I would stutter for the rest of my life. Yet there are days  I speak very fluently and have learned how to use continuous movement with stuttering. This is not black and white. Stuttering is impacted by many complex situations so we have to evaluate and analyze each person one by one.

What to do?

Seek help. I was petrified of talking. The fear almost ruined my life. I finally found people who understood stuttering and my life changed. Do not let fear of stuttering overtake you.  If past experiences did not help you keep going until you find new situations to help.

How can I change things?

Talking to a speech pathologist who stutters will help you understand the path you need to take. Changing how you speak and conquering hierarchies of fearful situations will help. I was afraid to order food for fear of blocking and not being heard.

Can you stop stuttering or stammering?

Children have a higher rate of stopping stuttering with intervention.  High schoolers. college grads and adults can take an intensive program to help them significantly increase fluency.

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