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  • Lori Melnitsky

Best intensive program for adults who stutter...

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Everything you need to know about MPI 2

Who is it for?

Mainly teens and adults who stutter can navigate an application on his/her device.

Who created it? MPI 2 is an application on iOS devices that was developed by Dr. Roger Ingham at the University of Santa Barbara. ( How does it increase fluency? MPI stands for Modified Phonation Intervals, which are periods of speech followed by bouts of silence. This silence usually lasts around 10 milliseconds. People who stutter have frequent short phonation intervals which causes their speech to sound choppy. MPI 2 aims to reduce the amount of short phonation intervals by 50% so that speech sounds more fluent and natural.

The certified clinician has a version of the MPI 2 program on his/her device and is able to hear client’s speech. The client speaks while wearing a microphone apparatus on his/her neck (shown below) so that the MPI 2 app can detect short phonation intervals and inform the clinician of the length and frequency of these shortened intervals.

This is a well researched and effective program. For more information please visit (this program is not covered by insurance. It is intensive and Lori stutters as well)

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