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  • Lori Melnitsky

Adults Who Stutter Often Get the Wrong Advice:

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

MPI 2 (Modified Prolonged Speech) is a stuttering therapy technique that focuses on reducing the frequency and severity of stuttering to achieve natural sounding speech. It can be done virtually.

Many adults who stutter, including myself, have gotten poor therapy in the past. It has not been intensive. It has not been offered by a stuttering specialist and many do not understand stuttering. Do not blame yourselves. It is not your fault and help is around the corner.

These are some of the components.

  1. Exaggeration initially: Individuals are encouraged to speak at a significantly slower rate initially than their usual speaking speed. The goal is natural sounding speech.

  2. Prolongation of sounds: MPI 2 emphasizes the deliberate prolongation of sounds in words, particularly at the beginning of words or syllables. This technique promotes smooth transitions between sounds and syllables, allowing for more fluent speech.

  3. Continuous phonation: Continuous phonation involves maintaining voicing throughout speech by minimizing breaks or interruptions between words. This technique helps individuals maintain a steady airflow and reduce stuttering-related disruptions.

  4. Easy onset of speech: This is taught in an intensive manner.

MPI 2 is often used in combination with other therapy approaches and techniques, as part of a comprehensive stuttering treatment plan. The specific strategies employed in MPI 2 may vary depending on the individual's needs and goals, as determined by a speech-language pathologist or stuttering therapist. It's worth noting that the effectiveness of MPI 2, like any therapy technique, can vary from person to person. The success of the technique depends on factors such as the individual's motivation, commitment to practice, and the severity of their stutter. Working closely with a qualified therapist can help individuals understand and implement MPI 2 effectively, maximizing its potential benefits for reducing stuttering.

Lori has seen over 30 adults complete this treatment with success (including herself). We do not all have to be fluent all the time but we have the right to speak with more fluently.

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