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  • Lori Melnitsky

2020 brings a fluency program for adults who stutter to talk fluently: a 17 year old talks…

My initial intake of 17 year old Bruce , a junior in high school: To the listener he stuttered mildly. Inside he was suffering and changing words constantly to talk.  The fear of stuttering was enormous and was causing emotional damage.


Why do you want an intensive stuttering program?


Because I cannot talk to my friends or say my name. I feel my palms sweat. I run out of the class when I am called on. I want to go to college and not hide.  I need to be able to say my name. He asked me this…What is the point of doing well in school if I cannot talk?

two months later:


Did the course help you?


Lori, I asked a girl to the prom. My palms do not sweat. I can say my name. I work hard to practice. I cannot thank you enough..

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