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  • Lori Melnitsky

Why students with ADHD might lie about homework?

—- 😁 Understanding why teens and young adults with ADHD “lie” about homework…..

----More often than not parents often become frustrated and angry but we forget what these students are going through. They are embarrassed and feel alone.

Some students with ADHD may lie about completing or having homework due to various reasons. It's important to remember that individuals with ADHD can experience challenges related to organization, time management, and impulsivity, which may contribute to difficulties in completing assignments on time.

Why do students look their parents into the eye and "lie"?

Here are a few factors that may influence perceived lying.

1. Avoiding negative consequences: Students may be petrified of being yelled at, fear punishment, criticism, or disappointing others. Our parents are our role models. Carissa once told me, “ I just can’t do it”. “My parents are so disappointed in me.” “ I feel so stupid”. Carissa was a senior in high school, 6 feet tall and a fierce soccer player. On the field she was confident. In school she just shrank. We scheduled many parent sessions. She was not present at first. Her parents changed their approach and the fighting stopped. Her confidence rose.

2. Seeking approval or acceptance: Some students with ADHD may feel pressure to meet academic expectations or gain approval from teachers, parents, or peers. Lying about homework completion temporarily creates the illusion of meeting those expectations or fitting in. However, they are crumbling inside like an old muffin. This dues not stop in adulthood. It just continues if not addressed.

3. Impulsivity and forgetfulness: ADHD can impact a person's ability to maintain focus, prioritize tasks, and remember assignments. Students may genuinely forget about homework or become distracted, leading them to lie as a quick, impulsive response to cover up their forgetfulness.

4. Overwhelm and avoidance: Students with ADHD may feel overwhelmed by the demands of their schoolwork, particularly if they struggle with time management or organization. Lying about homework completion may provide temporary relief from the stress or pressure they experience.

It's important to approach the situation with understanding and support. Teachers, parents, and educational professionals can work together to implement strategies that help students with ADHD manage their homework more effectively. This may include breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable steps, providing reminders or organizational tools, and establishing a supportive and non-judgmental environment that encourages open communication about challenges.

By fostering a supportive and understanding atmosphere, students with ADHD challenges can be avoided.

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