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  • Lori Melnitsky

Why Private pay as opposed to school speech therapy?

I want to start by saying that I have worked in public schools before. I totally respect my school speech pathologists.  They work hard for our children and have huge caseloads. Many kids who stutter or receive Prompt therapy are in groups of 5.   It is vital for kids who stutter to have parents either in the session or available at the end to facilitate progress. The Lidcombe program which is used up to about age 7 or 8 requires parents to actively work with their children at home.  This is not a school program.  It is a disservice to your child to do this program without parents present.

Prompt is hands on so it is not sanitary to have the therapist’s hands on 2 or 3 children. They need a high level of expertise and individual therapy.

Not all school speech pathologists specialize. Schools cannot solve every speech or reading issue.

I have taken over 300  hours of Continuing education in stuttering.   Not counting a life time of overcoming stuttering on my own.   I developed my own successful Step Up to Fluency Program for School Aged Children..So if your child is not making progress ask yourself these questions.  My parents had to ask themselves as well years ago and I am grateful for the outside support:

Is my child stuttering for more than 3 months?

Are they not talking as much?

Is my child in a group with others who do not stutter?

Is my child receiving therapy in a group once a week?

How many minutes are they receiving therapy?

How much experience does the therapist have with stuttering? Could be none. Many professionals are not trained in stuttering.  You would be surprised.

Email me at for questions.

BTW- If your child is not using strategies I can bet you they are not lazy. They might not have them mastered or have fears about talking. I can help…

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