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  • Lori Melnitsky

What type of support did I find most useful from my parents as a child who stuttered?

This was asked by a few parents of children who stutter.  As parents we always worry we are not doing enough for our children.  The good news is that most of do our best and our kids know that.

Did my parents support me? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt. My father stuttered as well. He also overcame and became a pharmacist.  He was and is my role model.  I was fortunate to work with him at the age of 13 which encouraged me to talk often as a cashier.  At one point he encouraged me to seek a job on my own.  I went on an interview and got a job at a local department store.   After three months I decided I preferred my dad and uncle’s store to work in.  Luckily they took me back.  Let’s face it, they had no choice-LOL.  My mother was extremely proactive always seeking the latest therapy. My parents were not wealthy but they knew communication was important and did what they had to.  Neither of my parents defined me as a person or child who stutters. It had nothing to do with my career choice.  I was a girl scouts leader and had to call parents and children.  It was assumed I would go to college and get a job. I went on interviews and got scared at times. My parents picked me up and said go for it.  I have to also mention my younger brother was supportive of me as well.

I could not ask for better parents than and now! Hope this helps some of you.

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