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  • Lori Melnitsky

Three reasons I stop hiding the fact that I stutter..

The truth is I used to hide stuttering as if I was hiding a crime. I could be stuttering and if someone asked me what was going on I would put my head down in shame.  It hurt me to the core of my sole and I would rather eat a food I hated than stutter on food I wanted. I am a diet soda fanatic. I was so excited when as an adult I could order a medium coke instead of a small. The dreaded “S” sounds but as a kid my parents did not want me ordering a larger size. I do not blame them. I remember waiting on line saying over and over in my head, small diet, small diet.  Sometimes it worked. Others I blocked so badly that I walked away.

These are the three reasons I stopped hiding that I stutter…

  1. The National Stuttering Association-They taught me not to be ashamed. I met the most courageous people at the conventions.

  2. Identity-It is not who I am. It is just something I do at times.

  3. Speech Therapy-I learned ways to control it and practice telling people I stutter.

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