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  • Lori Melnitsky

Stuttering: Get me out of jail..

To my adults who stutter..

Like you many of you I struggled for many years stuttering. I was afraid to order a medium diet pepsi, say fill it up at the gas station or ask a simple question, like what time is it? It was kind of like being in speech jail. One day I was asked my birthday by a teacher in class. I could still hear the laughter as I said “I don’t know”. All I had to say was April 22 but the fear came on like a  huge wave was going to knock me down. I wanted to get out of the house of bondage but did have the “get out of jail” card.

It is hard to believe because now my family and friends would say I am outspoken. What changed?

Finding the right speech pathologist to help me. Believing in myself. Realizing that it was not all fluency or nothing. Trying something else one when attempt at improving fluency did not work. Reminding myself it was not my fault.

I am telling all of you it is not your fault. You did not fail. Stuttering is difficult and challenging. I understand your conflict. Do I try therapy again? I vote YES because getting out of speech jail could change your life. Do I need to change my mindset and start to see the positive? I vote YES because this has to change to succeed. Do I accept that I will sometimes stutter but still have the capacity for fluency? I vote YES

What did all this hard work get me?

Freedom and the ability to communicate.  I can order what I want. I say “Fill it up” at the gas station.  I can call doctors and advocate for my children when needed.  So I vote Yes to all of you and to the parents who are being told to wait and not get help for your children. I vote Yes for help for all of you.

To vote Yes contact  

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