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  • Lori Melnitsky

Stuttering can hurt physically and mentally…

Can stuttering hurt?

As many of you know I stuttered severely when I was younger. I can honestly say it hurt. I would run out of breath from the early age of 4. At that time no one knew how to deal with stuttering. My lips would pucker so much it was painful. My head would hurt to get the words out. My heart would ache because I could not say what I want so I started to hide. I hid in the bathroom at school. I hid when I had to say my name. I knew how to speak louder to express myself, which seemed to improve fluency.

What mattered to me in school?

In school I honestly was not concerned about grades. I just wanted to speak without stuttering. I would write in my diary that I wanted to stop stuttering. Nothing mattered more than talking.

When did I get help?

I started to get help at Hofstra University. It started there. It took years of sacrificing my time, finances and anything to follow the dream of fluency. I had to work hard and focus. I had to conquer fears. I had to re learn how to speak and not hit every sound hard.

Did I accept?

No. I was on a mission. You can do this too as countless adults have walked through my office and can talk now.

If I can help you email

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