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  • Lori Melnitsky

New intensive programs for stuttering? Let’s make Fluency Happen….

Customized Programs to Improve Fluency – Together We Will Improve!  

My goal as a speech pathologist who overcame a severe stuttering disorder as an adult is to create customized programs to improve your fluency and to see the changes you desire. We work together to determine how to reach your goals.


Customized Programs to Improve Fluency-Together We Will Improve! (please put in bold.

All offered by an experienced speech pathologist and stuttering specialist who overcame a severe stuttering disorder to help others. We will work together to reach your goals.

Weekly Sessions : This program is customized to your needs and involves sessions that are 2 hours each. This is ideal for someone who needs to significantly improve fluency in a short period of time.

Step up: 8 week Program: This program involves 8 weekly 1-hour sessions or 4 bi-weekly 1-hour sessions. This is ideal for the working professional or student who wants to see important changes. We emphasize fluency and decreasing fear of speaking.

MPI-2 Program: The second phase of this program is currently in development. Launch date is to be announced soon. This requires 2 weeks of therapy for 2-3 hours per day. All previous clients who completed this program experienced drastically improved fluency and confidence. I have also completed this program and have noticed significant improvements. (New version pending launch date)

Public Speaking: This program is for anyone who fears public speaking. I offer coaching sessions to teach you skills that will improve your confidence and public speaking abilities.

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