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  • Lori Melnitsky

My child has had stuttering therapy for years.. Why is it not working?

The truth is not every speech pathologist specializes in stuttering therapy. It is a complex disorder with a small percentage of the population who stutter. Many students never see anyone who stutters and school speech pathologists have large caseloads with various disorders and huge amounts of paperwork.

There are many important areas that need to be addressed for therapy to be effective and the goals are different at different ages:

Preschool Stuttering: Let’s try and eliminate. Do not work on breathing!

School Age Stuttering: Improve fluency, improve confidence and self esteem, incorporate parents in the process, talk about stuttering openly.

Older Teens and College Students: Improve fluency and talk about how to help them.

Remember I stuttered severely and never gave up. I taught  myself with help how to help others.

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