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Mindset is important for adults who stutter…

Mindset and Stuttering…

I have to say I get many calls and emails from people who stutter who tried x, y and z with no success with improving fluency.

I also am told they took a course and failed. My mindset was the same years ago. I went to a three week intensive stuttering course. Coming home I felt like an amateur performer. It was a balancing act of trying to be fluent while everyone praised me. Then I couldn’t do it anymore and “failed”. Did I sound so terrible stuttering?  I guess so because I was now getting not stop praise for fluency.

What went wrong?

Mindset. Simple. I expected a miracle and they promised it. I would finally have my dream of fluency. When I stuttered I beat myself up.

What’s different? I took x,y and z. Learned what worked and didn’t from hundreds I have worked with. Became a speech pathologist. Learned that my mindset had to change. That’s when I started enjoying talking, learning how to talk with ease and liking myself for who I am.

You can do it. I did it and so did many of my clients. They learn to feel better about talking and decrease stuttering. You can do it. Believe in yourself. I am here if you need help.

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