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  • Lori Melnitsky

Hello I stutter, Do you hear me? My name is Lori..The non traditional speech pathologist…

Stuttering? Who understands how I speak? How loud do I have to scream to be heard?  I remember being 5 and told I should do a play for my parents, being 8 and doing art projects, being 15 and filling out questionnaires and then age 22 filling out the stuttering instruments for assessment.  I have no memory of who these people were but I do remember feeling invisible. No child or adult should do it this way.

Did anyone hear me? Could they stop  writing notes? Does anyone know how to help me?  Aren’t you a speech pathologist? Stop reading. I am a person. Will anyone ask about me, my hobbies, my life?

The pain is still there. I became a speech pathologist. Not only did I learn how to speak more fluently with confidence, I learned to help most people I work with who stutter. Never doubt how much we all need a cheerleader or coach by their side. I will be your biggest source of support.

Hello, I stutter, I am Lori and I want to hear and help you speak…

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