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  • Lori Melnitsky

Best reasons to hire an ADHD/ADD Coach:

Many college students and young adults benefit with this help. This is how…

There are many reasons to hire an ADHD/ADD Coach:

Realize Goals

  1. Stop procrastination

  2. Support decision-making and prioritizing

  3. Expand perception of options

  4. Provide course correction

  5. Create accountability

  6. Celebrate wins…

  7. Create a calm environment

Develop New Skills

  1. Manage impulsivity and distractibility

  2. Improve time and self-management skills

  3. Learn to set boundaries

  4. Deal with potential conflicts

  5. Develop better communication strategies

Manage Emotional State

  1. Remove blame and shame

  2. Improve self-confidence

  3. Reduce overwhelm

  4. Empower self-image

  5. Reduce stress

  6. Manage worry

Educate ADHD/ADD:

  1. Learn about what ADHD/ADD is

  2. Acknowledge your strengths and unique gifts

  3. Draft a visual manual to understand how your brain works

  4. Understand the criteria to succeed..

  5. Create a successful plan

For more information please contact for a free phone session and visit to read about coaching

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