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Adult Stuttering: Improve fluency in two weeks

Adult Stuttering: Improve Your Fluency in Less Than Three Weeks

Stuttering, a communication disorder affecting speech fluency, can have a significant impact on an individual's personal and professional life. For adults who stutter, finding a proven and effective solution to improve their fluency can be life-changing.

This blog will introduce you to a groundbreaking program that has helped countless adults improve their fluency in less than three weeks. The Modifying Phonation Intervals-2 (MPI-2) Program is a research-based stuttering treatment designed specifically for adults aged 17 and older.

Read on to learn more about the MPI-2 Program and how it can transform your life.

Understanding the MPI-2 Program

Developed after years of research by Dr. Roger Ingham at the University of Santa Barbara, the MPI-2 Program is built upon the understanding that people who stutter produce short phonation intervals, or rapid voicing of sounds. This rapid voicing contributes to stuttering, and by reducing these short intervals and increasing their duration, stuttering can be gradually minimized.

The MPI-2 Program is an intensive, ten-day program spread over two weeks, typically consisting of two-hour daily sessions. Under the guidance of a certified clinician, participants use a customized app designed to help them modify their rapid speech movements. This comprehensive program is divided into three phases:

Establishment, Transfer, and Maintenance

These phases ensure a smooth transition from stuttering to stutter-free, natural-sounding speech. As participants progress through these phases, they receive personalized guidance and support from their clinician, equipping them with the tools they need to maintain their newfound fluency.

  1. Establishment Phase: In this phase, the goal is for you to achieve stutter-free, natural-sounding speech in a clinical setting. Using the MPI-2 app on an iPad or iPhone, a clinician guides you to reduce short intervals of phonation, monitoring your progress with a headset. The focus is on sounding natural to listeners. This phase, conducted in-office or via Skype, lasts approximately two weeks, culminating in a five-minute conversation with significantly reduced stuttering.

  1. Transfer Phase: During the transfer phase, you'll work on transferring your newfound fluency to real-life situations. You'll practice realistic conversational tasks like phone calls and restaurant orders, recording these interactions for your clinician to monitor and evaluate.

  1. Maintenance Phase: This final stage aims to help you maintain stutter-free speech while gradually reducing formal speaking tasks. This process can take up to a year, with weekly online sessions for clinician monitoring.

As a highly motivated adult seeking significant improvements in your speech, the MPI-2 Program offers an effective solution. As one medical student who successfully completed the program stated, "The more I put into the program, the more I got back."

Moreover, engaging with a clinician who has also experienced stuttering and gone through the MPI Program offers numerous advantages. They not only understand your challenges but can also provide first-hand guidance and support throughout your journey.

One medical student's testimonial speaks volumes about the program's impact at All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy. Despite a lifelong stutter, the student excelled in medical school, although oral communication remained a significant challenge. After extensive research into therapy programs, he chose the MPI-2 Program, finding it to have the most scientific grounding.

With a clinician, such as Lori Melnitsky, who had personally decreased her own stuttering, the student received real-time feedback on their speech patterns and disfluencies, as well as training to continue practicing at home using the app. The MPI-2 Program's combination of individualized speech-shaping therapy, app-based practice, and clinician support ultimately led to significant improvements in the student's speech fluency.

In conclusion, the MPI-2 Program at therapy centers like All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy offers adults struggling with stuttering a research-based, scientifically grounded solution for improving speech fluency in less than three weeks. If you're committed to making a change in your life, the MPI-2 Program can provide the tools and support you need to achieve stutter-free, natural-sounding speech.

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