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  • Lori Melnitsky

What is ADHD Coaching?

What is ADHD Coaching:

ADHD Coaching is a team approach to help encourage and guide you to understand ADHD and how if affects your life, goals and motivation.  It is a type of life coaching specializing in ADHD challenges.

Coaching helps to develop goals and identify internal and external obstacles preventing you fro achieving your dreams, negative self talk and be successful overall.  It is more than academics. It addresses you as whole person to feel fulfilled.

ADHD Coaching helps with difficulties you may noticing with focus, motivation, getting started, completing tasks, remembering deadlines and staying focused.

Life Coaching in general helps people to develop goals and become the person they envisioned, It helps you feel whole again and ready to tackle your dreams.

The ADHD Coach will help you:

-Understand ADHD to use it as a strength

-Find the motivation inside you

-Create structured plans to help you

-Identify internal and external obstacles

-Increase accountability

-Learn to turn mistakes into positive ways to change

-Improve positive self talk to motivate yourself

-Prioritize and organize

-Improve relationships

Is ADHD Counseling?:

No. ADHD coaching focuses on developing goals. It does not focus on past experiences or deep diving into emotional issues.It is not a substitute for psychotherapy.

What does ADHD coaching do for you?:

If will help you clarify your goals, decrease the scatter in your head. It helps be involved in a safe, relationship without judgement to help you achieve your dreams and visions in life.

Lori Melnitsky is a certified life coach, ADHD coach and graduate of JST Coaching for Teens and Adults with ADHD and a licensed speech pathologist. She herself has ADHD inattentive and has worked to use her strengths to overcome obstacles. For more information please email

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