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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD) is difficult to manage on your own without access to specific skills that do not always come naturally. We offer individual coaching services via Zoom to clients anywhere in the world!

Designed for college students and adults to complete tasks and assignments

Build confidence with trusted and clear systems to successfully navigate work, school, and home life

Be accountable and encouraged

Understand ADHD and feel less stressed.

Manage time better

who can benefit

College Students

College and graduate school can present many new challenges for students with ADD or ADHD. Higher-level education presents greater responsibilities, increased distractions, less structured time, and new social situations.  We can help.


It is never too late to get help! Whether you are feeling disorganized and overwhelmed managing your day-to-day responsibilities or are experiencing professional roadblocks due to ADHD.  We can help you learn skillls get a better job or promotion.

ADHD Coaching for college students
ADHD Coaching for adults
Meet Lori

About Lori Melnitsky, ADHD Life and Motivational Coach

Lori Melnitsky, M.A., CCC-SLP

Lori Melnitsky is a Certified

ADHD/Executive Functioning Coach and Speech Pathologist. Lori is ADHD inattentive herself and has a college aged daughter who has been through the challenges and success living with ADHD as well. Lori is JST Certified and also changed careers to help others succeed.

What Lori's Clients are Saying

"Lori coached me initially during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college. My confidence was low and I was overwhelmed with papers. I was always being asked why I could not hand in papers on time. Honestly, I did not know. Lori helped me organize and my confidence grew. I cannot thank her enough."
- PJ, age 21, Queens, NY

"I worked with Lori in the summer of 2021 as my ADHD was ruining me professionally and personally. We worked on one goal at a time for six months and I was able to keep my job. She is a great coach and motivator."
- Dave, age 38, Business Executive, NYC

Speech Therapy

Teletherapy Availability: Accessible Across Multiple States

We are available to provide teletherapy services in multiple states online.

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