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Episode 66:

Back To School Tips High School and College Tips

In this episode Lori gives tips for a new school year for high school and college students for coaching or speech help please visit

Episode 64:

How I created my own path in stuttering and so much more


Episode 42:

No one hears my child stutter in school but I hear it.

Lori talks about hiding stuttering and how it’s easy to not hear it in school. Listen why and listen how people avoid or can hide it.

Episode 3:

How to talk to preschool and early elementary children who Stutter.

People who stutter present a unique opportunity to teach the world to listen. Today, I will be demystifying how to communicate effectively with preschool children who stutter and ways to provide them with the support and encouragement they need.Stuttering is a common speech disorder affecting millions of people worldwide, including many young children. While stuttering can be frustrating and challenging for children and their parents, it is essential to remember that children who stutter can learn to communicate effectively and confidentlywith the proper support and guidance.One way to achieve this is by not interrupting a child while they are talking, as it's likely to raise awareness due to the redundancy effect. Also, offering a listening ear and using complimentary words such as 'wow' and ‘interesting’ shows that you acknowledge their message. According to Starkweather, reducing asking them direct questions is advisable since many events in a child's environment influence their speech.Whether you are a parent of a preschool child who stutters, a teacher, a therapist, or someone who wants to learn more about communicating with a child, this episode will provide valuable information and support. Let's get started!Key Talking Points of the Episode:[00:30] Do preschool children stutter?[01:01] Tips on speaking with a stuttering child[05:35] The ripple effect of the Lidcombe program on stuttering preschoolers[06:00] Importance of a relaxed

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