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All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy is a specialty practice focused on speech and stuttering therapy. We offer therapy services to clients in Plainview, NY, and online via teletherapy.

Helping Children and Adults become more fluent

Acceptance is not the answer when you cannot speak. Let's strive for a more fluent future.


Telehealth is offered in NYC, Westchester, LI,  NJ, CT, MA, FL, CA, and PA.

Do you struggle to order food? Do people ask you to repeat yourself, are you embarrassed speaking? Do you feel frustrated and want to not talk? Do you feel you cannot raise your hand in school, get a job/promotion or say your name?-email today for a consult

All Island Speech Podcasts

Stuttering Demystified and Beyond

I use this platform to share my story and those of others who have struggled. I share my knowledge and wisdom on many topics, including ADHD and stuttering. I want to show people that no matter what you face in life, you can persevere and be successful


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ADHD Life Coaching

ADHD Life Coaching can help you develop goals and remain accountable in reaching them. We empower college students and professionals to become more organized, focused, and efficient while managing everything they need to accomplish day-to-day. Say goodbye to a life of overwhelm, and learn strategies to help you thrive.

Support group

"It comforted me that she also stuttered, because then it means that she really understands the problem. And that's why I feel so comfortable with her."

All Island Speech & Stuttering Blog

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