Stuttering/Fluency Therapy-Children and Adults

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ADHD Coach for college students and adults in business


All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy is a specialty practice focused on speech and stuttering therapy and ADHD Life Coaching. We offer therapy services to clients in Plainview, NY, and online via teletherapy. Our coaching services are offered nationwide and internationally.

We give our clients the tools they need to communicate and engage in life with confidence. 


Preschool Stuttering

Did your preschooler recently start stuttering? We would love to support you in learning strategies to help them speak fluently. We offer Lidcombe Therapy for preschool and young school-age children, which teaches parents to use fluency-enhancing strategies in their child’s everyday life.

School-Age Stuttering

Does your child avoid raising their hand in school? Are they afraid to talk? We provide impactful therapy options for school-age kids and teens, including a 12-week stuttering program to improve speech fluency and combat fears of talking, as well as PROMPT therapy with a certified therapist.

Adult Stuttering

Does your stutter make you anxious about ordering food at a restaurant or saying your name? Have you tried therapy without success? We offer a variety of programs to support adults who stutter, including a 12-week Step up to Fluency program, weekend fluency intensives, and the MPI-2 stuttering treatment program.

ADHD Life Coaching

ADHD Life Coaching can help you develop goals and remain accountable in reaching them. We empower college students and professionals to become more organized, focused, and efficient while managing everything they need to accomplish day-to-day. Say goodbye to a life of overwhelm, and learn strategies to help you thrive.

"I hired Lori in September 2010 to be my speech pathologist because I stutter and stammer. Throughout the 9-10 months that I worked with her, she was absolutely amazing. She's given me the confidence, speech tools, and strength to be who I am today. I can speak in front of crowds, and classes with no problems at all. Lori is a great speech pathologist and a great friend."
-BP, age 38, male


Lori Melnitsky, M.A., CCC-SLP

I’m a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist and ADHD Life Coach with over 25 years of experience treating stuttering, speech, and executive function skills.

I have proudly helped hundreds of children, teens, and adults to stutter less and communicate with confidence. I personally stuttered severely until my early 20’s, struggling to participate in class, call friends on the phone, and say my own name. But here’s what I really want you to know: Stuttering did not stop me, and it won’t stop you either.

Lori Melnitsky, M.A., CCC-SLP
ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

"It comforted me that she also stuttered, becuase then it means that she really understands the problem. And that's why I feel so comfortable with her."