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MyLITV Interview

Watch the interview with Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky.

Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky My Long Island TV interview
Former Stutterer Now Helps Children Overcome Stuttering

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SUCCESSFUL Stuttering/FLUENCY Treatment for Teens & Adults

Imagine being afraid to say your own name!  .Are you an adult/teen who stutters or have you felt unsuccessful in past therapy programs? If yes, I can help you.   Call 516-776-0184 today to schedule an evaluation or call for a phone consult.

Stuttering therapy is customized for teens and adults on an individual basis. Therapy is offered weekly or intensively. The goals of therapy are improved fluency combined with effective communication and confidence to overcome difficult speaking situations.. It starts in the therapy room and transfers to real life speaking situations.

Lori herself is a graduate of many fluency programs and learned how to significantly improve her fluency.   She also added a maintenance component that encourages increased fluency on a daily basis in realistic life situations.  We also work on attitudes and beliefs that have developed over the years which often interfere with continued fluency enhancement. Lori overcame a severe stuttering disorder, therefore she is able to preach what she teaches, so to speak.  Also please note if you are a graduate of any of these programs we are available to review targets with you on an as needed basis as well. Coaching is also offered to enhance speaking confidence overall. Call 516-776-0184 today to schedule an evaluation.  Therapy is offered via in person in Plainview, NY or via skype.

Exciting News!

Speech/language therapy can be provided online to NYS residents age 14 and older via Skype or iChat High school, college students and adults can now benefit from prolonged fluency programs for stuttering over Skype and iChat!  Visit our TeleHealth page to find out more!

If you’ve received unsuccessful treatment for stuttering and you are an older teenager, don’t give up! All Island Speech & Stuttering Therapy can help with therapy that really works. If you are willing to work towards achieving better fluency you can achieve success. Contact us to find out more.

- All Island Speech & Learning Center
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