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  • Lori Melnitsky

Tips for teachers on stuttering…

Best tips for teachers on stutttering:

  1. Encourage but do not enable.  Try to make it easier but do not allow stuttering to be an excuse.

  2. Listen and do not interrupt.

  3. Understand public speaking is difficult for most but even more challenging if you stutter.

  4. If you notice child is not raising their hand then you could talk privately to the student.

  5. If they raise their hand call on them first to reduce anxiety.

  6. Do not give poor grades for participation. It will increase anxiety for the child. Allow one on one presentations with the teacher.

  7. Listen to their message.

  8. Talk to the school speech pathologist or private therapist for advice.

  9. Remember stuttering does not define them. These are students who happen to stutter. Help them realize that.

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