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  • Lori Melnitsky

My top ten: What I wish every parent/caregiver knew about stuttering…

What I wish every parent/caregiver knew about stuttering: This comes from my heart..

  1. The ability to talk is priceless.

  2. The ability to be helped by someone who stutters themselves is invaluable.

  3. Stuttering specialists are rare and can change lives.

  4. Communication matters more than academics at times.

  5. Getting A’s but not being able to communicate is worthless to me.

  6. The earlier you can get help the better.

  7. Stuttering does not start out emotional but can negatively impact a life.

  8. It is more important than math tutoring because I feel locked in a speech jail.

  9. Positive feedback helps.

  10. Getting the right help can improve fluency, confidence and lives.

I am tired hearing that parents should wait to get help. I have seen children as young as two stop stuttering. Not everyone can but let’s give it a fair shot.

I am tired of hearing people should accept. Not everyone wants that and I certainly did not want that.

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