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  • Lori Melnitsky

Listen to Lori.. The story of fluency and confidence of a person who overcame stuttering…

About five years ago on a dark winter night I researched in depth the MPI 2 program ( . After all I am someone who stuttered severely. I was trapped in my own head and could not get out  my true thoughts.  I could not say my name. People always asked me if I forgot my name? That is so annoying and embarrassing.  Of course I knew my name. I would hesitate and hide. As a teen I could not call my friends on the phone. I would hang up all the time.  Texting would have helped.

Even though I had taken other therapies in the past I sounded robotic and could not talk freely.  I tried to speak openly about stuttering. In desperation I tried to make myself stutter, often called voluntary stuttering. It made my speech worse. The blocks increased, the emotions intensified and I wanted to stop talking.

I am a fighter. I did not give up. This program drastically changed my speech. I had an app to use.  I had a wonderful speech pathologist to guide me.  My speech was smoother. I could present in front of 100 people, I could order my own food. Hating myself for stuttering no longer existed. I still stutter at times but no where near to the intensity.

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