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Adult Stuttering -What is Prolonged Speech?

Adult Stuttering-What is Prolonged Speech?

Most people want to stop stuttering.  In fact we pray to stop stuttering.  I am an adult who stuttered severely so I get it.  Did you know continuous movement and prolonged speech improve fluency?  If you say “III waaannt to eaaaat piiiza” you might be fluent with help but sound robotic. That is the problem. It is unnatural and hard to maintain. None of us want to be boring speakers and put others to sleep. We want to be heard and be “normal” speakers. We all want to learn how to stop stuttering. We all want to end tomorrow.

When I was stuttering severely I took fluency programs that taught me how to talk more fluently and slow down to 2 seconds per syllable. I did this for 7 hours a day and then I went to one second.  I stopped at .5 seconds per syllable.  However I never felt like I was a  natural speaker  or able to spontaneously speak so I rejected it as did many of my fellow people who stutter. I always was looking to stop stuttering.

As a result many people rejected the new speech and went back to stuttering. In many ways it was not better than our old speech patterns.  We also asked how can we stop stuttering. 

Why use the new MPI 2 Stuttering to Fluency Program to try and stop stuttering?

The MPI-2 stuttering program for adults is more natural and working with someone who stutters I know how to help you become more fluent and stutter less. You start at your normal speaking rate, right from the beginning. Because of this, at the end of the program, you don’t have to sound robotic. As I said above we all want to stop stuttering.

It is incredible to offer a program to answer the question on  stopping stuttering for adults. Sounding like a normal speaker is our dream. Being able to change speaking with an app and stuttering specialist like myself. It  is incredible and life changing.  Why go around and struggle all the time when you can make an attempt to stop stuttering as much and be a fluent speaker?

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