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Specialized Training for SLPs

Stuttering DeMystified Specialized Training

I recently surveyed many SLPs and they reported stuttering as a "feared" disorder to work with. I understand and IF you feel this way you are not alone.

 Let's Be Honest stuttering is scary at times but it is more fearful to the ones who stutter. Like myself they have been laughed at for "not knowing their name" or while ordering food.




Offered by Lori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP , experienced speech pathologist and a person who overcame stuttering.

It is simple right?,

We teach them strategies and phew- we did our job.

Like you I did not learn enough about stuttering in grad school. What about coaching or counseling,? Wait is that in our field? Yes it is.

Who Am I

Lori Melnitsky has been working with people who stutter for 30 years.

She is a person who overcame severe stuttering. Professors told her to become an audiologist and avoid SLP. They were wrong.
Lori directs her own practice and specializes in stuttering, ADHD/exec functioning and apraxia.

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