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MyLITV Interview

Watch the interview with Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky.

Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky My Long Island TV interview
Former Stutterer Now Helps Children Overcome Stuttering

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Stuttering Therapy Philosophy

Lori Melnitsky has dealt with stuttering and fluency issues for many years and has helped many children and adults learn to communicate successfully.  She understands that stuttering not only involves the physical component of getting words out, but also the negative emotions which often occur during speaking. Lori knows the goal of improving communication for the person who stutters must include the following components:

Establishing an increase in fluency, dealing with negative emotions involved with communication in different settings, overcoming feared situations, learning how to carryover fluency skills in realistic life situations, and learning effective skills to maintain smooth, successful speech.  She also believes in the importance of intervening early with the preschool population to attempt to eliminate stuttering with the Lidcombe program for childhood stuttering.  Lori believes in not letting stuttering stop you from achieving your dreams.  With therapy and continued support improved fluency can be attained.


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