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Meet Lori Melnitsky, MA, CCC-SLP

loripicLori Melnitsky, MA CCC-SLP is the director of All Island Speech and Stuttering Therapy.  She holds the Certificate of Communicative Competence from ASHA and is licensed in the State of New York.  She overcame a severe stuttering disorder to help others communicate.

My name is Lori Melnitsky. I have been a speech/language pathologist for over 20 years. I stuttered severely as a child.  I could not participate in class, call my friends on the phone or say my name.  My father stuttered  severely and eventually recovered as an adult so I knew their was hope to improve my fluency.   My 4 year old daughter also stuttered and stopped with intervention.  I participated in various fluency shaping and airflow courses.    As a result,  I developed my own program to prevent relapse and encourage success.    I  also have experience in apraxia and oral motor and PROMPT  therapy.   I also have over 20 years experience with providing early intervention services in Nassau County helping countless toddlers learn to talk.  My experience also includes working with adults with developmental delays.

Many years ago I became Certified in the Lidcombe program to help children to attempt to stop stuttering.  I have provided the  Lidcombe program  for hundreds of  children  both locally and from a distance with tremendous success.   I believe in improving fluency and decreasing fears while speaking.  Lidcombe is one of the only successful researched based programs and our center has seen a multitude of children eliminate or decrease stuttering significantly.  I also became Certified in PROMPT therapy as I also felt a need to help individuals with apraxia, articulation, difficult “r” and “s” issues and oral motor difficulties.  

It is important for school aged children, teens and adults to use tools/strategies to improve fluency.  I am one of the few speech pathologists  in NY who uses the tools I teach to improve fluency. Too many times people who stutter are asked to talk in an uncomfortable manner. I use the tools I teach and can help you.

Additionally, I am  a  published author in fluency journals and Newsday.  I have published articles on facilitating language in young children, and the benefits of PROMPT therapy. I have been privileged to speak at Hofstra University, the Long Island Speech and Hearing Association (LISHA) and  the National Stuttering Association (NSA) on the subject of speech/language/stuttering.   I serve as a fluency consultant for SEEDs of the Williston in Williston Park, NY  and am a related service provider for Nassau County. I also lead fluency study groups and mentor speech pathologists on how to help people with stuttering and other communication disorders.

Lori has been awarded multiple awards including:

  • Fortune 52 distinguished woman
  • Town of Oyster Bay Distingushed Women in Healthcare.
  • Multiple Continuing Education Awards from ASHA

Lori’s main goal is helping children and adults achieve their potential in a positive, encouraging manner.

Town of Oyster Bay award 2012   Fortune 52 Award-Long Island Press - click to read

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