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Watch the interview with Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky.

Speech Pathologist Lori Melnitsky My Long Island TV interview
Former Stutterer Now Helps Children Overcome Stuttering

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I have walked in your shoes… My daughter has dyslexia and is now thriving…

What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a specific language/ learning disability that  is neurological in origin.  It affects reading, writing and spelling and the ability to process written and/or verbal language.  Problems occur with reading fluently and accurately. It affects individuals with average or above average intelligence. It can cause difficulties with accurate word recognition, reading comprehension and vocabulary development. Individuals with dyslexia learn differently. Contrary to popular belief, they do not see words backwards. They might have difficulty learning a foreign language, rhyming, spelling, difficulty with letter naming, difficulty with handwriting, delayed expressive language, organizational issues, poor sequencing of sounds in words, spatial difficulties. Orton Gillingham is a multisensory approach used to teach reading, writing and spelling utilizing seeing, feeling and hearing to learn to read, spell, and write.

Call 516-776-0184 today for a screening for your child.  You can either sign up for a screening or enroll your child on a path to success immediately.


  • Summer Sign up is starting now! Jump Start to kindergarten- Call to reserve your spot! Entering kindergarten students who want to get a jump on reading are welcome.
  • Orton- Gillingham- 1:1 remediation, twice per week preferred for success-includes language and writing help as well
  • Fast ForWord Reading Program
  • Writing Skills

Language/Writing/Public Speaking

We offer language/writing help elementary school through college. Many students need help with organizing, outlining, and study skills. We offer remediation and coaching in all areas.  We use a multi sensory approach and structured program.  Students need to be able to write with organization and accuracy.  Older students will also benefit from being taught prefixes, suffixes and word roots to increase vocabulary. This helps them recognize  words used on a daily basis.   A focus is given to organizing thoughts and writing  complex sentences to form  clear paragraphs and essays.  This results in meaningful writing accepted for high school and college.

- All Island Speech & Learning Center
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